Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Easter too, for last Sunday.

I didn’t actually know that Earth Day was a thing until this morning, but it fits in nicely with a few things I’ve been wanting to write about anyway. Firstly, it’s Spring, a time for baby lambs, green leaves appearing on the trees, flowers coming into bloom – new life is springing up everywhere after a long, cold, horrible winter, and for once the weather is agreeing that the season has changed! If nothing else does, a few sunny days is enough to make anyone feel revived. And, of course, Easter weekend has just passed. Even for the non-religious, it’s a good time to think about new life.

Which relates – in a way – to Earth Day. Before I came home from Uni for the Easter break I did a bit of a tidy of my room and threw out a fair bit of stuff (and I’m pretty sure there is more I could do to lose). I don’t even know where to start with my room at home, but I know that there’s a lot of rubbish colonising in there. But, and here is where the Earth Day thing comes in, I feel guilty about putting so much stuff in the bin. Even things like clothes that can go to charity make me feel a bit bad for having bought them in the first place when I apparently didn’t really want them. It all made me wonder, could any of the junk be given a new lease of life? Could anything that had been sitting gathering dust be transformed into something useful?

I’ve consulted the Internet (Pinterest, mostly) and found some pretty good up-cycling ideas.



Dip-dying (or tie-dying) could be used to add a splash of colour to anything white.  Learn how to do it (also to make this skirt from scratch) at A Pair & A Spare.

There are infinite ways to customise jeans but all these lace shorts are so cute!  Here’s a no-sew tutorial from Wow! Goodwill.

Elbow patches make an old jumper new.  The options are endless, Brit+Co has a basic guide.


tin cans wrapped in paper

Tin cans and paper/fabric.

Upcycled Birdfeeder.

Old plastic bottles.

cookie sheet magnet board

Baking tray notice board – learn how here.

So, in honour of Earth Day, as a mid-year resolution, I’m going to try and stop buying things on a whim and to only own things that I really love (and to stop wasting things).

Happy Spring! (:



Why Rock ‘n’ Roll Needs Revival

Read: why modern music needs to die.

Prepare for an opinionated post (but I’m right).

I really, really wish I had been born 50 years ago so I could have grown up listening to music that is now called ‘classic’. The sad truth is, looking at the music scene today it doesn’t look like any more classics will ever be made because what people are listening to and buying is so instantly forgettable. It’s not that good, really good, influential music isn’t being made, it’s just that no one is listening to it.  Apparently, topping the singles chart at the moment is a song called “She Looks So Perfect” by a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Curious, I had a listen but turned it off a line into the first chorus (“She look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear”). Is it that I’m missing the point? Maybe I’m just not a deep enough thinker to understand such profound lyrics.

I’m also not saying that all music, all the time, has to give you something to think about, but surely some music, some of the time, has to offer something? Even when there is recognisable talent, a good singer or guitarist, generally speaking, I’m struggling to find anyone who has the whole package. I’m certain that they’re out there, but my point is, if they’re out there, why do people clearly prefer the samey, meaningless (if you can even call it) music that’s in the charts, on the radio and being blared at top volume in nightclubs?  Some of it might be a bit catchy, but is no one looking for anything more?

To focus on rock ‘n’ roll, the bands that are prominent at the moment tend to look like this…

(Look how cute and quirky we are!)

…and have songs with excessively long titles and lyrics like “I wanna be laughed at, laughed with, just because” (because that makes sense).  It all just seems a bit fake.

I wish I’d been growing up when rock ‘n’ roll looked like this



(We spend more time making music than putting on our make-up.)

and had lyrics that said something important.

The thing is, music has so much power to help people and to bring about change and make people think in certain ways, but there is no way the music people are listening to at the moment can be really helping anyone.  Rather than making people feel understood, songs are saying, ‘we like to party, dancing with Molly’, which is relatable for a few people, but what about everyone else who doesn’t do drugs and maybe wants to leave the party and go to bed?

There’s a great song by The King Blues called “What if Punk Never Happened?” which sums up everything I’m trying to say here.

If only Sham 69 had united the kids, if only The Ramones had let us know we were a happy family,
If only The Buzzcocks had shown us how to do it ourself, if only Crass had shown us there are things more important than wealth,
If only The Vandals had shown us it was okay to smile, if only The Dead Kennedys had helped us put our government on trial,
If only Rancid had played live, and brought with them that vibe, if we had Sick Of It All and Madball we could put them all on the frontline,

If we had GG Allin we’d have learned it’s okay to be hated, if we’d have had The Refused then we could have innovated,
If we’d had Poison Idea then they couldn’t push us over, if we’d had Minor Threat then we could have done it sober,
If we’d have had Against Me we could have done it all unplugged, if we’d had Operation Ivy we could have done it then fucked off,
If we had The Blitz, The Clash, Disorder, Propagandhi,The Exploited, NOFX and anyone that’s handy,

There’s a lesson to be learned, one that I will take home, when I return to my normal reality zone,
Punk rock has the power to change the world, it lies in every single punk rock boy and girl,
So don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth the earth, these streets are your streets, this turf is your turf,
Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ve got to give in, cos you can make a difference, you can change everything.